Street portraits

Doing spontaneous street portraits of people you have never met before is not an easy task. Actually, approaching strangers in the street to ask for a portrait is a bit like performing on a tightrope - you have to find the right balance. And you definitely have to be in the right mood, psychologically speaking. But then, on the other hand, when you do manage to carry home a strong portrait of a total stranger that you have never met before in your life, you will without doubt find great satisfaction.

I've done several projects on spontaneous street portraiture. These are two of them:

Based on my experiences in this field, this workshop will focus on how to make the right approach from a psychological point of view, how to use the natural light that you'll find in the streets and how to proceed when you have been lucky to get a "yes, go on" from someone.

We will be walking the streets of Rome together in the attempt to find "great faces".

Click in the images to see some examples of my spontaneous street portraits.


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