In a recent survey the photo sharing site "Sightsmap" has found out that Rome is the world's second most photographed city, after New York. Of course, this is not casual. Even after having lived in Rome for almost two decades I'm still able to pause as I walk through the city and think "wow, how beautiful". Whether you visit some of the most famous piazzas - like Piazza Navona, Piazza di Spagna, Campo dei Fiori or Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere - or you go in the direction of more unknown spots you'll find plenty of good reason to put the camera in front of you eyes.

Even though I frequently walk through the center of Rome, I'm still able to find small photographic surprises that deserve immortalization. And actually, from a photographic point of view the city is really like a jewelry box from which you can keep finding gems. On this photo tour your camera "will be happy". I'll take you along some of the center's most picturesque and photogenic streets - over beautiful piazzas, along the Tiber, into a famous postcard pretty back yard ... just to mention a few things. We will, of course, also have time to focus on textures, colors and details of that city that quite a lot. The tours in Rome will have different themes - nature, water, darkness, art, history and so on.

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