Rino Barillari

Photo talk with paparazzo photographer Rino Barillari

As a 19-year-old youngster, in 1958, Rino Barillari came to Rome from Calabria, a few years before Rome's Dolce Vita (Sweet Life) started. In 1960, Fellini's famous film La Dolce Vita came out and through the 60's Rome was "invaded" by film stars from all over the world, that came to Rome to film in Cinecittà. And Barillari was there, right from the beginning.

For more than five decades he has worked as a paparazzo photographer in Rome. He has been attacked a number of times because of his insistence on taking photos, and has thus been in hospital more than 150 times. His photo equipment has been smashed more than 80 times. He is still active and will tell us about his life as a paparazzo, photo reporter for more than 50 years.

You will, of course, be able to ask Rino all sorts of questions related to his photo career.


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