Riccardo Spatolisano

Riccardo Spatolisano is an Italian official Fuji X-photographer from Torino. He started his career working as assistant to the well-known photographer Angelo Cricchi’s in the period from 2003 to 2005. In the following years he started to work as a freelancer photographer. Riccardo describes himself as "explorer of horizons", characterized by the continuous technical and stylistic deepening in the photographic field. Wedding is his starting point, and it has evolved over the years, but he also does portrait and travel photography. In a few key words Riccardo describes his photography like this: "I try to catch the key events in the life of anyone: those in which we would all want to press the Pause button and return them in shape and color. I have an inexhaustible passion for the visual language, the stylistic form and its infinite potential". In this clip you can meet Riccardo where he speaks about his work as a Fuji X-wedding photographer.

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