Not without reason, Napoli, South-Italy’s biggest city, is famous in the world. More than 2,500 years of history makes Italy’s third biggest city one of the most interesting in both Italy and Europe, from a historic and cultural point of view. Here you’ll find a charming chaos, warmhearted people, colors, smells, confusion, noise and, not to forget, the world’s best pizza! In other words … an incredible melting pot of emotions! Add to all this an extremely lively street life that offers an abundance of opportunities for true street photographers.

The Napoli Tour will take the participants through some of the city’s most photographic sites. We’ll visit some of the centers most famous streets and piazzas. We’ll be diving down into Napoli’s Underground, and we’ll be visiting the city’s oldest historic cafe. All this with the only aim to create great photo opportunities. Lunch will be enjoyed in one of Napoli’s most famous pizzerias. The Napoli Tour will be arranged as a day trip with departure from Rome in the morning, and return to Rome in the late afternoon.

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