Civita - The Ghost Town Tour

The small Italian hill town Civita di Bagnoregio, lonely situated on a hilltop 120 kilometers north of Rome, has a fascinating and eerie history. Its present ten residents are holding out against a capricious nature, which at all times has posed a constant threat to the existence of the village. This is, in other words, a true modern ghost town. Over the years it has been hit by several earthquakes and the bridge that leads from the Bagnoregio to Civita has been ruined several times throughout history.

Around this incredible place a continuous erosion is going on. For the that reason this small hilltop town is also know at "the dying town". We will of course hurry up and visit this incredible place before it should be too late.

Needless to say that such a place offers as many photographic opportunities as its history is long and complex.

This photo trip can easily be combined with "Bomarzo - The Scary Tour" since the two places are not far from one another.

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