Calcata - The Dream Vision Tour.

A dream vision. A historic mirage. A place that seems to be torn out of a fantasy movie. Such is Calcata, a small medieval town situated on a hilltop 250 meters above sea level about 40 km north of Rome. Isolated. Yes, actually totally isolated, in the middle of the Treja Valley, completely surrounded by green forests. Going through Calcata's medieval city center is like entering another world. And in fact, there were many Romans who discovered just that back in the 60'ies. Especially the freak-outs from that period's modern society that were looking for a more cozy and laidback lifestyle. Many of them "emigrated" from Rome to Calcata trying to live the dream of a more tranquil lifestyle.

Today, Calcata offers an atmosphere which is extremely evocative from a historic point of view. Your big challenge will of course be to capture this atmosphere in the photos you take during our visit.

The town is surrounded by several paths where you'll also find great photo opportunities.


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