Bomarzo - The Scary Tour

What kind of man was Pier Francesco Orsini, and what inner demons haunted him? The answers to these questions might help to discover why a large number of monsters and figurers from the mythological and natural world have found their way to a woodland area near the small central Italian town of Bomarzo: three-headed dogs, giant human beings fighting with one another, tilted houses, aggressive dragons, giant turtles, combat elephants carrying away fallen warriors, animal bodies with women’s heads, horses with wings, a horrible forest troll with its mouth wide open, and many others.

Bomarzo's Garden of Monsters is a magical place, full of an enchanting and strange history, but also, naturally, a wonderful place to fill your memory card with very peculiar and different photos.

Bomarzo can be found 65 km. north of Rome. The Bomarzo Tour will therefore be arranged as a day trip with departure from Rome in the morning and return to Rome in the afternoon.


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